cg in Granada

Christine has worked as a freelance musician and music teacher since 1985. Increasingly, conducting and choral training have come to the fore in her work, complemented by a diverse array of musical skills and interests.

Aided and abetted by various cats, Christine welcomes many musicians to her studio as well as travelling here and there to work with various groups.

Pictured here is Gareth who arrived, with name, in 2000 and purred his way through many a lesson until November 2012.  

Bumble and Tigger 

Cleo, Henry and Lily moved in in May 2013 and are already proving worthy successors

Lily, Henry and Cleo

Christine shares a natural curiosity about life and people with her various feline friends. If you really want to know any more formal stuff about Christine you can click on pedigree ......

Much more interestingly, Gareth developed his own page.